The Bachelor: Spoilers About Upcoming Episode, Lauren B. Already Engaged to Ben? Let’s See

After the wrapping up of the season, the couple made an announcement in May which stated that they had called off their engagement.

The site, does not specifically mention the name of Chris Soules in their advertisements, however, the advertisements did mention about a farmer who in his quest to find true love fell for a girl from a city, but unfortunately their relationship did not have a happy ending as they separated from each other.

It is quite clear that the site did refer to Chris Soules indirectly in their advertisements. However, it argues that it has not used Soules’ name directly and only took advantage of his story during his time on the show.

The lawsuit filed by Soules states that the site hints towards the fact that Soules’ relationship with Whitney failed because he was from the rural area and she was from the city.

Reportedly, in addition to using his story, the site has also used a blacked out image of Chris Soules in their advertisements which makes him recognizable to the world.

In his lawsuit, the former Bachelor star has asked the site for compensation plus legal fees for using his story and also his image without taking his permission.

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