The Bachelor: Spoilers About Upcoming Episode, Lauren B. Already Engaged to Ben? Let’s See

The Bachelor is a popular American reality show that made its debut back in March 2002. Chris Harrison is the host of the show and it is aired on ABC. The show is produced by Mike Fleiss and is currently in its 20th season.

The finale of the 20th season will be aired in March and rumors are doing rounds that Lauren Bushnell and Ben Higgins might already be engaged.

Lauren Bushnell is a flight attendant who hails from Oregon.  Rumors of her engagement with Ben started flying around when she was recently spotted in a photo wearing a ring which fans are assuming to be an engagement ring.

However, it should be noted that the photo was posted a long time back, before the filming the current season had even begun. Thus, chances are high that the ring that Lauren B. is wearing is not actually an engagement ring. Instead, it could be just a normal ring that she is wearing.

Olivia Caridi, another contestant, has been disliked by fans since the beginning of the show. She is known for her erratic behavior on the show and has been criticized for it time and again. As of late, her behavior is becoming increasingly erratic and, thus, the fans are left wondering as to why she has not been sent home by Ben Higgins already.

Her insensitive nature came to the forefront when she was seen complaining to Ben about her legs at a time when he had lost two persons who were dear to him. At another instance, during an episode which was shot in front of a live audience in Las Vegas, she jumped out of a cake and claimed it to be one of her talents.

Various reports are stating that Ben himself is getting frustrated with her crazy antics and erratic behavior. In an exclusive video that was released by the showrunners, it could be seen that the other contestants too are not happy with Olivia’s behavior.

Leah was seen stating that her behavior is becoming more erratic by the day. Another contestant even stated that Olivia bullied them on the show.

The next episode which is scheduled to be aired o February 1 will see Ben and the girls flying off to Mexico. It is in here that Amanda will get a chance to go on a one-on-one date with Ben for the first time.

A renowned website reports that the Amanda and Ben’s date will be the first one that will take place in Mexico. Their date will reportedly include a romantic hot balloon ride. After their ride on the hot balloon, the duo will be seen having a romantic dinner that will give them a chance to bond with each other in a good way.

During the episode, Ben will also be seen hitting the ramp at a fashion show in Mexico City’s Fashion Week, accompanied by Lauren H.

Spoilers about the upcoming episode reveal that Amanda might indulge in a conversation with Ben regarding her divorce during her date with him.

Coming back to the matter of Olivia, the spoilers state that she might take a jab at Amanda by making a comment about “Teen Mom”.

Amanda is a single mother and, thus, it is clear that Olivia is indirectly taking a shot at her by stating that the show is not meant for “Teen Moms”. It is her jealousy towards Amanda for getting a hot air balloon ride date with Ben that will make her take a shot at her.

Fans can expect more drama to unfold in the upcoming episode of The Bachler which will air on February 1 on ABC.

In other news, former Bachelor star Chris Soules recently filed a lawsuit against dating site. Chris stated that the site has unlawfully used his likeness in their advertisements. The last season of The Bachelor ended with Iowa-based farmer Chris Soules proposing to Whitney Bischoff who is a fertility nurse from Chicago.