The Audi Q7 Combines Wicked Performance with Top-of-the-Line Luxury and Technology, More Details

The Audi Q7 is the latest addition to the family and this big boy is a direct rival to the BMW X5, Volvo XC90 and the Range Rover Sport. Audi build the Q7 from the ground up and this vehicle boasts of an entire range of new technology.

The Q7 is built on Volkswagen’s latest MLB platform, which is also using in a number of other vehicles from the brand. Surprisingly though, the Audi Q7 is smaller and lighter than its predeceasing models – 240 kg to be precise!

Audi plans on introducing a few new engine blocks on this vehicle, but we will be talking about the diesel-powered 3.0-liter S-Line model here. Audi is currently offering two engine blocks of the same capacity, although, the S-Line variant is capable of displacing 268 BHP. The diesel power plant is as smooth as a diesel can be, and it is extremely nimble on the freeway!

Audi claims that the Q7 returns around 47.9 miles to the gallon, with an average CO2 emission of 163 g/km on a combined scale. The new diesel powerhouse is Euro 6 emission norm compliant, which makes it as environment friendly as an SUV can be.

When it comes to design, there is no beating the Volvo XC90, which is a clear favorite among the sophisticated class. The Range Rover Sport too has a certain monstrous appeal. The Audi is a class apart and appeals more to the generic senses! However, the vehicle is not particularly ugly in any sense.

Audi has incorporated a ‘Virtual Cockpit’ inside the cabin, which is basically a digital version of the numerous gauges, such as the rev counter, analogue speedometer, etc., which can be accessed via the flick of a switch.

Audi introduced the Virtual Cockpit on the TT Coupe, and it was a standard feature. On the Q7, however, it is optional and sports a price tag around $940. We would love to see it standardized on the Q7 too. Audi, are you listening!

Another feature which is currently optional on the Audi Q7 is the Air Ride suspension and this is a pity, since all top-end vehicles feature standard Air Ride suspension nowadays. If you’re into towing the Q7 has good news for you, as Audi has officially increased the towing capacity of this monster from 2,800 kg to 3,500 kg.

Audi should also consider including the rear-wheel steering system on the Q7 as standard, it is currently available as an option, since it would cut down on the turning radius of such a huge SUV. We are not asking for much, since the Q7 happens to be a range-topper!

The Q7 however feels a little off balance while cornering at high speeds, although, it is a lot better than most other SUVs in the class. The Q7 does not come with a spare wheel, since the vehicle is sold in the seven seat layout. You will have to shell out an additional amount if you want a spare wheel.

Even though the Q7 is smaller than its predecessor, there is a surprisingly high amount of cabin room. Passengers have decent head, leg and shoulder room while the boot is approximately 770 liters. Although a full grown adult will not be able to fit comfortably in the rear row, kids will have plenty of room to play around.

Although Audi is a relatively new player in the world of SUVs, ten years to be precise, the Q7 has a feel of finesse about it! The Audi Q7 is a tall vehicle in all fairness, but its sheer size never poses any obstruction to smooth driving.

Feel free to rev the vehicle to its utmost limit and you will feel the torque kicking in almost instantly. Bring the speed down to the mid RPM range and the vehicle is as smooth as grease! If you think raw power is all that this vehicle has, think again! The vehicle is loaded with an advanced lineup of gadgetry, including driver aides as well as infotainment features.

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