The Affair Season 2: Noah Goes to Therapy, Alison Struggles with Class!

Alison meets up with Cole (Joshua Jackson) and although viewers wish that the true identity of Joannie’s father is going to be out in the season, the showrunners have something else in mind.

She catches up with his life and he reveals the fact that he is marrying Luisa. The viewers notice a sudden connection between Cole and Alison and for a moment maybe they think that the original couples, Helen (Maura Tierney) and Noah and Alison and Cole should have continued being together.

The one answer that viewers want from The Affair Season 2 is the identity of the killer of Scotty Lockhart (Colin Donnell). Enstarz has reported that Julia Goldani Telles, who plays the role of Whitney in The Affairs Season 2 has told that the killer will be revealed before the current season ends.

Whitney didn’t answer if Noah is going to be the culprit of the murder, as has been speculated, but the viewers are going to start sympathizing with him as the series progresses. Julia Goldani Telles spoke about her character.

Whitney has a habit of telling her parents off, but Telles revealed that she won’t ever do something like that in real life. She said that her parents wouldn’t allow her to do something like that.

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