The Affair Season 2: Helen and Cole’s Story Narrated, Josh Stamberg Shocks the Audience, And More News

Stamberg has revealed to Entertainment Weekly that he was very skeptical about doing the scene. He didn’t want to go ahead with the scene since he felt that they are going to attract negative reviews and had to be convinced by the director about how that particular scene helped the plot.

Critics and fans have come out to stand by the scene stating that the scene was essential in encapsulating the idea of who Max is a person. The scene and Max’s behavior also helps the viewers understand how Helen feels after the incident and gives a stronger perspective to Helen’s story.

Josh Stamberg’s mother, Susan Stamberg, who is journalist with NPR spoke about the controversial scene stating that her son is a great actor and has always portrayed roles convincingly and she felt proud after seeing how brilliant he acted out the role with all its nuances.

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