The Affair Season 2: Helen and Cole’s Story Narrated, Josh Stamberg Shocks the Audience, And More News

The first season of The Affair was narrated from the perspective of both Noah and Alison. While both the perspective is somewhat true, the viewers are opened into the possibility of a third perspective towards the whole series with The Affair Season 2.

The second season of The Affair has only gotten better. It opened with Noah (Dominic West) and Alison (Ruth Bailey) leaving through a pleasant summer, but things are about to take a drastic turn with the entry of an unwelcome guest, as the synopsis reads.

Noah has a very volatile nature and though he loves Alison, The Affair Season 2 is going to show the viewers the problems that are going to creep into their life because of Noah’s behavior. Alison is shocked to find out how Noah behaves when she tells him that she had gone through his manuscript.

The third perspective that is being injected into The Affair Season 2 is the perspective Alison’s ex-husband Cole (Joshua Jackson) and Helen. Joshua has come out and shared details about his character in the Affair Season 2.

According to Collider who had an interview with Joshua Jackson, Cole in The Affair Season 2 is completely messed up. Cole was a very confident and strong character in The Affair Season 1, but after going through what he has in the previous season, he has become very insecure. Cole’s personal life has turned upside down and he is still unsure about what to do about it.

Cole has so far been portrayed as the abusive and harsh husband, but viewers in The Affair Season 2 are going to see a person who is completely broken down by his inner turmoil. Cole is so affected by the things around him that he tries to put his life into perspective and figure out the motif of his life.

The Affair Season 2 brought the life of two couples into a strange crossroad. Noah and Helen (Maura Tierney) and Cole and Alison. After Noah and Alison’s roaring romance, the two have decided to divorce their respective spouses and go ahead and live with one another and that is where the season 2 opens.

With the viewers getting a glimpse of how Alison and Noah are coping with their new life together in The Affair Season 2, the creators have also tried to show the havoc they have created in the life of their spouses.

While Cole is devastated, Helen takes a more drastic way out of the situation. She decides to go ahead and sleep with Max (Josh Stamberg), Noah’s best friend. Max has always had a crush on Helen and she decided to cash on it.

However, from their night at the hotel the viewers can clearly deduce that Helen isn’t completely into it and has gone ahead with it only so that she can take revenge on Noah while getting rid of her loneliness.

The Affair Season 1 saw Noah going ahead and having roaring affairs outside his marriage, but the viewers couldn’t understand why Helen would still want him back. With The Affair Season 2 giving scope for Helen’s perspective, the viewers realize that Helen always wanted Noah back because she felt that it was the best thing to do for the sake of their kids.

The Affair has always skirted controversy and the same has happened with the latest episode. The latest episode shows Helen getting into bed with her ex-husband’s best friend and this wasn’t what shook the viewers off their seats.

After making love to his best friend’s wife, Max gets up from the bed completely naked. Viewers of The Affair are well aware of the graphic scenes that the series indulges in, but nothing could prepare them for the scene with Josh Stamberg in the latest episode of The Affair Season 2.