The 2015 Nissan Maxima Unveiled at the New York International Auto Show, Rumored to Hit Showrooms across Canada This Summer!

When was the last time you saw Nissan take designing this seriously!  The Skyline and GT-R were amazing machines, performance-wise, but cosmetic advancements were not Nissan’s ‘thing.’ They focused on engineering prowess rather than a futuristic design. However, that logic is a thing of the past as Nissan has proved that they’ve begun taking designing seriously, with the 2015 Maxima.

Apart from the exterior, the engineers have paid attention to the interior as well. Sources suggest that the interior environment is entirely separated from the outside environment thanks to better level of interior sound-proofing, which pairs well with the eleven-speaker Bose audio system.

Considering that Nissan set out to achieve the highest level of quality in every minor detail involving the car, they have done a commendable job so far! The 2015 Nissan Maxima is by far the sportiest sports sedan from the East! The vehicle competes with the Germans and Americans effortlessly and manages to hold its own in the class.

There is no denying that the entire team has worked together on the Maxima, to bring out its full potential, but the majority of the work was done at Nashville. Stay tuned for additional news, reports and updates from the world of automobiles.