19 Kids And Counting: Jessa And Ben Have A Big News, Josiah Starts Courting Marjorie, More Details

The social media is abuzz with whether Jessa Duggar is pregnant. Ever since Jill Duggar gave birth to her first child, there has been rumour about Jessa being pregnant. The rumour was only fuelled by the photo that her husband Ben Seewald uploaded on Instagram last week.

The rumour about Jessa being pregnant started circulating when Ben uploaded a photo with the couple making a heart shape with their hands on Jessa’s stomach. This is a classic maternity shot and talks about the 19 year old being pregnant started.

There was not one but another photo of Jessa at point at a supposed pregnancy. Country star Mark Wills, uploaded a photo with the 19 Kids and Counting star at the Grand Ole Opry where one could see the beginning of a supposed baby bump. This photo was uploaded on the 12th of Arpil and Jessa was also spotted browsing through the maternity section of a store soon after.

The internet was speculating about they are just speculations when Ben again posted a photo on Facebook that has got viewers excited. The photo shows Ben and Jessa sitting with his newly engaged friend Daniel and his fiancée.

In the photo, Ben has placed his large cowboy hat strategically so that it hides Jessa’s tummy. While Ben congratulated his wife on getting engaged, everyone on the media could only speculate why Ben had kept his cowboy hat in that awkward fashion.

While these photos were keeping the excitement among the fans high, Twitter user Jayci Goss revealed that she had seen Jessa at the Ross store looking through the maternity section.

The couple has been very tight lipped about the rumours that are circulating, but the new promos of TLC shows that in the next episode of the hit show 19 Kids and Counting, Jessa and Ben have a special announcement. Viewers believe that it’s only a matter of time before the couple announces that pregnancy.