Tesla Model 3: Speculations Regarding the Tech Specs and Pricing Surface, Expected to be Showcased at the Geneva Motor Show!

Even though Elon Musk might sound outright crazy right now, we should never forget that it was due to his ingenious thinking that Tesla Motors rose from the ashes. We must think of Musk idea’s as progressive, even though they might look crazy at first.

If Musk’s ideas are successfully implemented, we might soon witness a major improvement in aerodynamics on the upcoming Model 3.

However, the thought of production is a long way off and right now all we need to think about is what the vehicle would be like, with all its futuristic technologies in place. If Tesla wants to mass produce the Model 3 at the moment, they will lose a lot of money per unit, at the prices mentioned above.

Hence, it is unfeasible to send the Model 3 for mass production unless the Gigafactory can think of an efficient cost saving measure.

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