Tesla Model 3 Could Be the First Autonomous Car, Prices, Specs and Release Date of the Upcoming Tesla EV Discussed!

There will be two different drivetrain options available on the Tesla Model 3. The cheapest versions of the car will be the rear-wheel drive option but a dual-motor all-wheel drive has been confirmed as well. The dual-motor versions of the Model S offer better range, so you can expect the same for Model 3 as well.

Tesla had decided to stay quiet about the power but reports indicate that the car will do 0-60mph in less than six seconds. The battery pack details will be revealed soon enough or possibly during the car’s reveal on a date which is still unspecified.

It has been further revealed that Tesla will soon expand its Supercharger charging station networks considering the Model 3 reveal and there are also plans to quadruple the present infrastructure to 15000 stations within the next couple of years. There is also confusion regarding whether Model 3 will get free supercharging. The interior is quite minimalist and almost bare.

There is also no real dashboard with only a large centrally mounted screen, which raised further questions. It has also been suggested that a greatly HUD focused interface is on the cards. Elon Musk has further teased what fans can further expect. He further said that the car’s interior will feel like a spaceship. The company has started taking pre-orders at 1000 pounds per car.

Stay tuned for more updates on Tesla Model 3!