Tekken 7 Developing Single Player Mode With Focus On Back Story, Developers Organize Free Play, New Characters Unveiled, Will Release On Xbox One, PS4 And PC

At the EVO 2016, Bandai Namco had surprised the fans by unveiling two news playable characters in the game when it releases on the console. One of them would be the heavyweight fighter Bob, who the fans had first seen in Tekken 6.

EVO 2016 saw trailers for the new characters. Bob was spotted in a new costume where he had on a pair of tattered jeans along with a white T-shirt and floral shirt on top of it. Bob might not exactly look like a fighter since he isn’t built like one, but his combat style includes strength and speed, and there is no doubt that he is highly qualified.

Bob will be joined by Master Raven, a spy who works for a secret organization. She is a femme fatal who had joined Tekken 5 and is going to make an appearance alongside Bob for the Fated Retribution. The developers haven’t spoken much about Master Raven and her style of fighting, but the moves are familiar with the fans since she has already been a part of the franchise.

According to Vine Report, the winner of EVO 2016 Tekken tournament has been revealed and it goes to a player with the name Saint. He is from Korea and had gone into the finals to defeat another Korean player and come out victorious.

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