Friend Confirms Lindsay Lohan Isn’t Pregnant; Michael Lohan Believes Lohan Is Pregnant And Sober, Lohan Spending Time In Sardinia

Lindsay Lohan had sparked a pregnancy rumor after she tweeted about it and then deleted the text. The tweet hinted at the fact that she was expecting. Michael Lohan has exclusively told Page Six TV that Lindsay Lohan had texted him and had informed him that she was pregnant. The two haven’t interacted after that, and he doesn’t know how far along she is.

Lindsay Lohan seems to have started off another rumor, and some believe that it has something to do with her ex-fiancé Egor Tarabasov. The two had been tight and were planning on settling down when Lindsay came out to reveal that he had cheated on her with a prostitute.

It looks like Egor Tarabasov has broken up with her since then, and even though Lindsay Lohan is hurt by his action, she wants him back. Reports suggest that Lindsay started the pregnancy rumor to get his attention and there wasn’t an iota of truth in it. Many sources have revealed that the Lohan pregnancy issue is a complete hoax, but Michael Lohan refuses to accept this.

Michael Lohan said that given his daughter has come out to state such a thing to him, he is going to accept it until she comes out to say otherwise. He feels that Lindsay can be pregnant: after all, she is 30-years-old and loves kids. She has an excellent maternal instinct and has always wanted to have babies.

Michael Lohan had previously said that the family loves Egor Tarabasov, and he had a good influence on Lindsay. Michael said that he had met Tarabasov on numerous occasions and had always found the young man to be grounded. This was why he was shocked to hear the recent reports of Tarabasov getting violent with his daughter.

Lohan and Tarabasov seemed to have broken up. The actress had taken to Twitter to get his attention and wrote that her fiancé is really angry with her, but she is trying to get him to come back.

Lohan urged Tarabasov to return home. When things didn’t end up well, Lindsay shared a photo of the two of them with a black and white scribble on top of Egor Tarabasov’s face. The posts have since been deleted.

Page Six reported that Lindsay Lohan’s neighbor had captured a nasty fight that took place between the actress and her Russian boyfriend. Lindsay is shown screaming and saying that Egor Tarabasov had strangled her and had tried to kill her.

Tarabasov supposedly had become controlling of her career and wanted to be her manager. Michael Lohan revealed that Tarabasov had turned down a lot of great movie offers that Lindsay had received.

The whole world was expecting Lindsay Lohan to come out and state if she was pregnant, but then she took off for a holiday with her friends on a luxury yacht. She is currently in Sardinia, where she was photographed drinking beer, smoking, and fishing onboard a friend’s luxury yacht.

Lohan is currently on board the yacht of Israeli socialite, Hofit Golan and she posted photos on Instagram informing her fans that she was spending time with her good friends. She apologized for exposing some of her private matters lately and said that she had been acting out of fear and misery. She said that everyone makes mistakes, but sadly hers have always been in the open.