Friend Confirms Lindsay Lohan Isn’t Pregnant; Michael Lohan Believes Lohan Is Pregnant And Sober, Lohan Spending Time In Sardinia

According to People, Michael Lohan has come out to make it very clear that his daughter wasn’t drinking. She had been spotted smoking, and he has had a word with her on that issue.

Michael said that some people do smoke and drink even when they are pregnant. While Lindsay Lohan smokes, it appears she doesn’t drink anymore. She is doing her best to remain clean and sober.

The pregnancy rumors started when Lindsay Lohan was spotted in Italy with what looked like a baby bump. The media again photographed her on her friend’s yacht in a one-piece bathing suit that showed off her possible baby bump. While the media was confused as to whether Lindsay Lohan was expecting or not, she was seen cannon-balling from the yacht and having a gala time.

These actions don’t fit with the idea that Lindsay Lohan was expecting. According to Inquisitr, Hofit Golan, Lindsay’s good friend has made it very clear that Lindsay Lohan isn’t pregnant.

The two have been friends for a long time and are quite close. Golan said that Lindsay is an amazing person, and it is unfortunate that she has had to encounter some terrible people and events in her life.

Golan said that the media cooked up stories after seeing her photos, and they didn’t try to consider that was how her body was shaped. Golan even stated that Lohan hasn’t called off her engagement with Tarabasov.

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