Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris Share Anniversary Photos, Selena Gomez Wants A Man Like Harris, Is Taylor Setting Selena Up With Her Brother? Let’s See

However, Selena Gomez saw sense in her bestfriend’s words and moved on from Justin Bieber finally. He started seeing Niall Horan from One Direction and Taylor Swift was thrilled since Niall Horan was mature and a good friend of hers. However, things didn’t seem to work out between the two and Selena Gomez and Niall Horan separated amidst rumors that Taylor Swift was excited about the fact that now they could go for double dates.

Selena Gomez seems to have given up on life. She has revealed that she is the only single girl in her girl squad and with her best friend having found a man like Calvin Harris, it is bound to be a sad affair. However, Taylor Swift is a very good friend and it looks like she is trying to set up her brother Austin with Selena.

The two had been spotted dancing together at the Vanity Fair Oscar party where Taylor Swift was with them as well. There are reports suggesting that Selena Gomez and Austin started getting along at the Grammy Awards this year and from what reports suggest, the two were happy dancing along when Taylor Swift went away to dance with others and made for a very handsome couple.

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