Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris Share Anniversary Photos, Selena Gomez Wants A Man Like Harris, Is Taylor Setting Selena Up With Her Brother? Let’s See

Taylor Swift has finally found love and happiness. The singer has become the object of jealousy of all the girls in the world after she shared photos of her one-year anniversary trip with boyfriend Calvin Harris.

The two had taken off for a secret tropical vacation to a sea beach and they kept the fans informed of how much fun they are having with the steady stream of photos from the vacation.

There were photos of the two kissing on the beach with Taylor Swift lifting one of her legs up and there was another with them standing at the beach, ready to jet-ski on the clear blue ocean behind them.

Calvin Harris has become the top contender for the best boyfriend in the world after he uploaded adorable and sexy photos of Taylor Swift in sexy lacy bikinis while they were on their one-year anniversary vacation. The couple uploaded photos on both their Instagram accounts and fans couldn’t have asked for more.

The two had been on vacations in the past. They had taken off to the mountains in the Christmas break, but that was with the family. This was a celebration of their love and the two lapped it up completely.

The photos make the fans jealous because it is so perfect, but they are glad that there are celebrities who go to the effort to share moments from their personal life for the fans.

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have been dating for a year now and they decided to head off to an undisclosed location to celebrate the milestone in their life. The two are completely in love and it shows. They wrote their initial on the sand, jumped on trampolines in the middle of the ocean and celebrated their love.

Taylor Swift looked exquisite in her bikini. There are two bikinis shots that have been captured by the EDM DJ. In one Taylor Swift is wearing a lacy bikini and posing seductively for her man and in the other she wearing a yellow black bikini that was sporty in its look.

The two had started dating in April last year and in order to treasure that moment, Calvin Harris had gifted Taylor Swift a gold necklace with the date of the two coming together engraved on it. With Calvin Harris showering Taylor Swift with so much of attention and love, it is not difficult to understand why Selena Gomez wants a man like Calvin Harris in her life.

Selena Gomez had seen her best friend Taylor Swift got through some of the worst break ups ever and she had seen how Calvin Harris healed her completely and made her want to take the step and plunge for another relationship. Calvin Harris is older than Taylor Swift and mature and he has shown her that there are men who do not treat their women badly.

Taylor Swift has had a lot of reservation about Justin Bieber and would continuously tell Selena Gomez to break up with her and find someone more deserving. Justin Bieber had cheated on Selena Gomez and in spite of it all, Selena Gomez would still pine for him and accepted him back again and again.

Taylor Swift didn’t feel that Selena Gomez deserved so much pain and suffering from a relationship that should be a source of joy and happiness and she would constantly ask her to move on. However, it was Selena’s decision to make and Taylor could only advise her and not force her into something that she didn’t want.