Syrian War would Prove to be Costly for Israel: Talebnasab

A politician from Iran, Alireza Talebnasab, said that the military action by Israel against Syria would hurt Israel. In the past few years, the unrest in Syria which has resulted in a crisis, has resulted in over 300,000 innocent civilians dead and Iran is blaming Israel for the same.

He said that the Western countries would not repeat the same mistake they committed in Iraq and Afghanistan, as the United States is low on finances and it would result in an economic shortfall if they plan to wage a war in the Middle East. This was said by Alireza Talebnasab when he spoke to a TV channel while being interviewed.

Talebnasab also added that the situation prevailing in Syria is entirely different when compared to that of Iraq and Afghanistan. A war fought in Syria would not result in the United States achieving whatever it wants. If the United States fights a war in Syria, Hamas and Hezbollah would definitely retaliate and it would prove to be costly for the United States.

The Syrian Government has resorted to inhumane practices in the past. They had use chemical weapons against its own citizens and there are much researches established to know the findings. Hence, before any action is taken against the Government of Syria, all the reports are to be verified carefully. Politicians from Iran asked the United Nations to publish only true and verified findings.

Talebnasab said that as far as he knows, the terrorists had used chemical weapons against the citizens and the Syrian Free Army was unable to fight back against the Syrian Army. Thus, to hide the facts, they have turned the blame on Syria’s Army, as they wish to defame the Government of Syria.

However, Alireza Talebnasab abstained from speaking about the involvement of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the ongoing crisis in Syria. Iran is the lone country that supports Bashar al-Assad as of now, both financially and logistically. The Syrian Free Army has captured several IRGC (Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps) members in the recent past.