Government of Iran Raises Concern over Live-in Couples

With the change in lifestyle trends in Iran, couples have started to live together before tying the knot. This practice is not going down with the Government of Iran coolly as it is against the Islam Sharia, which governs all the civil rules to be followed in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

It has been seen as a new social danger in Iran by Morteza Talaei, the former chief of the Tehran City Police, who is also a member of the Tehran City Council. He went ahead and said that there were no statistics available officially about the number of couples who are living together presently in Iran. He opines that the repercussions of couples living together without getting married might prove to be dangerous in the Muslim community.

Majid Doustali blamed this on the Western countries, saying that it is a new plot that is being hatched by enemies of Muslims and, especially, the Western countries. He is of the opinion that the enemies of Muslims are westernizing and influencing the ideologies of Muslims. Majid is the Secretary of the Islamic Republic’s Cabinet.

The Iranian Government has its own plan to tackle this problem, and they wish to do so by regulating the relations that exist between males and females in their country. The political and social parties in Iran have also gone to the extent that the morality division of the police force of Iran is working together with the volunteers from Basij to carry out raids to inspect if there are couples living in the country without getting married. Any couples living against the rules and laws of Islam are arrested immediately.

On similar lines, the same rule had been followed in Florida up to 1868, where couples living together without getting married was considered to be a sin and was a punishable offense too. However, the rest of the world has evolved now and couples from all over the world, including various popular celebrities, have started living together, gaining acceptance from the society.