Super Smash Bros 4: Masahiro Sakurai Plans to Discuss New Content, Lucas DLC Release Date Revealed, And More Details

For those who are not aware, Lucas comes from the video game ‘Mother 3’ which was designed for the GameBoy Advance. It was the official sequel to Mother 2, which was famous as ‘Earthbound’ in North America.

Mother 3 was never released in U.S but gamers have decided to make and release their own fan-translation English patch. Nintendo wishes to keep launching more DLCs with additional characters that will be decided through an online poll, where gamers can vote who they want to be added next.

Earlier, Lucas was a part of the “Super Smash Bros: Brawl” roster, due to which many fans were utterly shocked, when he wasn’t in the authentic roster for Super Smash Bros 4. It was even more surprising since Ness was included. In the meantime, Nintendo has released Amiibo figurines like Meta Knight, Ike, and Marth on 29th May.

Stay tuned for more updates on Super Smash Bros 4!