Super Smash Bros 4: Leaked DLC, Shovel Knight Rumored To Appear In the Game, New Super Mario Maker Stage Added To the Game, More Details

Along with the Super Mario Maker Stage, two other stages come with the DLC. The Pirate Ship stage, which was previously featured in an earlier installment of the franchise– Super Smash Bros: Brawl, makes a comeback to Super Smash Bros 4 and it is priced at $1.99 for the WII U.

The Duck Hunt stage will also feature in the game as a free update for Nintendo 3DS.

Apart from this a host of new outfits for the characters will be made available to fans through the DLC. These include—The Business suit outfit which will be available for all types, the Toad Hat along with the Toad Outfit and the Captain Falcon Helmet plus Captain Falcon Outfit, exclusive to the brawler type.

The Viridi Wig plus Viridi Outfit, the Hunter’s Helm along with the Hunter’s Mail and the Rathalo’s Helm with the Rathalo’s Mail will only be available to the Swordfighter Type. The Fox Hat plus the Fox Outfit will be exclusive to the gunner type only.

All these outfits are individually priced at $0.75 for the 3DS and the WII U versions. The bundle which will include both the versions for 3DS and WII U will be available to fans at $1.15. Fans can purchase the bundle of the entire collection of outfits for– $5.25 for the 3DS and WII U versions. It will cost $8.05 to the fans to purchase the bundle for both the platforms.

The collection of all the outfits along with the new stages introduced can be bought for $7.75 for the 3DS version and $9.73 for the WII U version. The same collection will cost $13.53 to fans purchasing the collection for both the platforms.

It should be noted that the Pirate Ship Stage is exclusive to the WII U platform and the Duck Hunt Stage to the 3DS platform.

Stay tuned for more update on Super Smash Bros 4.