Super Smash Bros 4: Leaked DLC, Shovel Knight Rumored To Appear In the Game, New Super Mario Maker Stage Added To the Game, More Details

Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros 4 has been reportedly hit by a leak. The leak revealed some additional characters that will be added to the game by a DLC. Nothing regarding the leak has been confirmed by any official source and hence its plausibility is definitely questionable.

If the leak is to be believed, fans are going to see new characters added to the game via DLC and one of the characters is the Shovel Knight.

The character of Shovel Knight has been previously rumored to be added to the game, but those rumors have not transformed into reality yet. The leak comes with a series of screenshots which reveal a number of other aspects to be added to the game. A stage themed on the popular indie game for WII U, Runbow, for instant could be seen in one of the screenshot.

Also included in the leak is a series of new MII costumes which characters in the game will apparently be able to wear after the update. Shantae, Crystal, Magnus, Chibi and Robo are some of the characters among the list of names stated in the leak to get a new MII costume with the DLC.

Fans stand divided regarding the legitimacy of these screenshots. While some believe that the pictures in the screenshots are credible, others argue that the features shown in the screenshots may not be true at all.

All of these rumors have their origination from 4chan. Ultimately, its upto the fans whether they choose to believe these rumors or wait for official news from Nintendo regarding these leaks.

It was also rumored that Professor Layton might make an appearance in Super Smash Bros 4. The Professor Layton series of games have been an important part of Nintendo DS library for quite some time now and thus this rumor somewhat makes some sense.

It could be assumed that Nintendo could be considering incorporating the popular character into Super Smash Bros 4.

In other news regarding the game, Nintendo has confirmed that a Super Mario Maker Stage will be added to the game through DLC. The patch will be made available to players having the Nintendo 3DS and the WII U.

Fans have seen in the past months that Nintendo has added a number of new characters to the game via DLCs which only makes them more excited for the latest DLC which released on 30th September, 2015.

According to a popular website, the new DLC consists of a virtual hand, the main function of which will be to act as a tool for creating environment, and repairing blocks.

The patch comes with a new feature of undetermined stage selection, which will make the gaming experience more fun and less predictable for fans. A new adjustable design will also be available to fans for each game played.

The Super Mario Maker stage comes with a price tag of $2.49 for the WII U and the Nintendo 3DS. The complete bundle could also be purchased for $3.49 by fans who want to avail Super Smash Bros 4 on both the platforms of WII U and Nintendo 3DS.