Super Smash Bros 4: Cloud Strife DLC Released, Two Brand New Characters Announced for The Game, Upcoming DLC Going to Be the Final One!

It was reported in a renowned website that two versions of this particular character will be added to the game, one a male version and the other a female version. It will be the first instance when both the male and the female versions of the same character is set to make an appearance in Super Smash Bros 4.

These two versions of Corrin will have the same appearance and a similar arsenal. Both of them will have possession of the Dragon Fang ability which will allow them to transform themselves into a dragon. The final battle form of the Yato blade which is the Omega Yato will also be usable by these characters in the game.

Two brand new music tracks will also be added for two of the game’s stages which are Castle Siege and Coliseum.

The developers have not divulged the exact date on which the DLC will be made available. However, it has been confirmed that the expansion pack will be released sometime in the coming month.

Various rumors were circulating around the internet regarding the addition of the character of Shovel Knight into Super Smash Bros 4. However, these rumors were promptly shot down by Yacht Games, the creator of the of Shovel Knight character.

Stay tuned for more update on Super Smash Bros 4.