Ryan Gosling And Eva Mendes: Couple Plans To Tie The Knot, Emma Stone Rumored To Be Hitting On Co-Star Gosling!

Ever since Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes brought their daughter Esmeralda into the world, there has been a vast change in their relationship. It is said that Ryan Gosling, who wasn’t ever ready for marriage might be thinking of tying the knot with the mother of his baby girl.

Classicalite has reported that Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes have secretly gotten engaged. This is not where the surprise for ends. It is rumored that the two are also planning to have a second child.

Rumor has it the couple have decided to conceive after the Christmas holidays and want to have the child in this year, which would let them have the little bundle of joy right in time for the Christmas celebrations.

It has been four years since the couple started dating and they have only grown stronger after the birth of their daughter Esmeralda Amada last year. They love parenthood so much that they are also planning to expand their family with another sibling for Esmeralda and are open to having both a girl or a boy.

There was a general air that Ryan Gosling was never one to settle down. He is surely in love with lady-love Eva Mendes, but he wasn’t one who would be tied down to get married. However, this attitude of the Notebook actor has changed after the birth of their daughter.

For Ryan Gosling, according to the 21st December of Life & Style, marriage was like a prison sentence, but things changed after he saw Eva Mendes bringing the little baby to life and playing the role of the doting mother. It made him realize how much he treasures these two women and he is ready to get committed in order to have them for himself always.

Eva Mendes was very comfortable with the way Ryan Gosling wanted their relationship and she had never forced him to marry her or settle down. She knew that he had eyes only for her and she was at peace with it. However, parenthood changed both their perspective on marriage and they are deciding on making their relationship legal.

Hello! reported Ryan Gosling saying that he can only see himself with Eva Mendes in the future. He didn’t confirm to any other plans of the couple tying the knot or planning to have another child of their own. Ryan Gosling said that he knows that he has found the person he wants to spend the rest of his life with and that is Eva Mendes.

According to Franchise Herald, the couple is planning to have a low-key wedding. They have always been very private about their personal life and don’t want to make their wedding a huge media outing. They will have a small wedding with their close friends and family.

This would surely shut down all rumors surrounding Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. The two come together once again in La La Land, which will be released later this year. There are industry reports suggesting that the two looked adorable together on screen.

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are believed to be having some problem in their relationship and it is believed that she attracted to Ryan Gosling.

The couple have a past history since they had been dating once upon a time and with rumors of things going downhill with Andrew Garfield, the media naturally cooked up stories of Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling coming together during the filming of La La Land.