Suits Season 5: Harvey Comes Face to Face With Rival Travis Tanner, Donna Helps Rachel for Her Wedding Preparations, And More

Suits Season 5 have already taken an interesting turn with Harvey Spectre (Gabriel Macht) being in a fish-out-of-the-water situation. Suits Season 5 will deal with Harvey struggling in his personal and professional front. Season 4 saw Harvey face a major blow when Donna (Sarah Rafferty) leaves his service after confessing to have feelings for him.

Suits Season 5 episode 5 called Toe to Toe is going to bring Harvey face to face with a long-time rival of his. Travis Tanner (Eric Close) is going to be back and Harvey will have a tough time keeping his cool.

Harvey and Travis Tanner are bitter rivals and every time they have faced each other in the court of law, things have gotten nasty. This time round, Travis is claiming that he is a changed man, but Harvey and Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) doesn’t believe so.

The trailer for the episode shows the Mike telling Harvey and every time they have faced Travis in court, it has always take a nasty turn and Harvey replies with a smile that given the situation he is now, he needs just that.

By the look, it seems like Harvey can’t wait to give it back to Travis. Harvey is known for settling outside the court and using his strategies to draw up results that work best for his clients, while keeping within the gambit of the law.

This time round, with Travis Tanner in the picture, Harvey doesn’t seem to be interested in an out of court settlement. In spite of not stepping out of the court, the tension escalates leading to a serious confrontation between Travis and Harvey.

Travis gets personal and mentions about Donna leaving Harvey to which the latter punches Travis in the middle of the street. With the street brawl done, Harvey decides that what he has done is not right and heads to Dr. Paula Agard (Christina Cole), his counsellor.

Dr. Agard is going to help Harvey come to face with his life after Donna leaves him and goes and she forces him to look deeper into his past to find the root cause for all his current problems.

Agard is a Harvard educated psychologist who becomes Harvey’s mentor and nemesis in Suits Season 5. She helps Harvey deal with his life after Donna’s departure, helping him realise what Donna truly meant to him while forcing him to face the demons of his past. Harvey is at his most vulnerable when he is with Dr. Agard and he is not sure about the way he feels for her.

Series creator Aaron Korsh has told Yahoo that he was a little sceptical about including Harvey heading to a therapist. Harvey is a person who introspects and he isn’t one to sit and talk to another, especially not about his feelings and troubles.

Korsh said that he had to show Harvey have a panic attack where he scares himself and decides to take a grip on his life. Harvey decides to head to a therapist so that he can sort out his life and try to figure out why Donna’s departure is affecting him so bad.