Suicide Squad Director All Praise For Jared Leto, Crew Stops Working To Watch Him Perform, Collectibles Available At Wonder Con 2016!

Jack Snyder has also gone on record to commend Jared Leto for his brilliant performance in Suicide Squad. Snyder said that the role demands a lot and Jared Leto was completely committed to it. Given the buzz that has been created about the role of Joker, there isn’t much attention that the trailers of Suicide Squad have given on the role though.

According to Collider, the Suicide Squad collectibles that were on sale for the fans at the New York Toy Fair are available again at the WonderCon 2016. DC Comic is selling the whole collection at their booth. There are two varieties of the Suicide Squad collectibles that are available in the market now. One of them are from Mattel and the other is from Funko.

The 12-inch collectibles from Mattel are very detailed and completely designed on the basis of the characters from Suicide Squad. Their hair-style, make-up, clothes and even accessories are completely similar to the actors in the film. On the other hand, the vinyl figures from Funko are cuter and not as detailed or similar to the film characters.

Suicide Squad releases in August and you can visit this page for more news on the film.