Stream at High Resolution with the Roku 4, Tech Experts Not Very Happy with The Upgrade, Comes with A Handy Feature for Those On the Move!

Streaming films and series online is something that is the craze these days. Instead of just downloading things, people are now starting to stream them online.

While streaming might be a problem in televisions that are not WiFi enabled, there is a small device that might solve this problem. One can stream videos and everything on their TV even when it is not WiFi enabled, with the help of a streaming stick.

Roku 4 is the latest streaming stick that has been launched by the company. Roku 3 had been considered to be the best when it comes to streaming, but it looks like Roku has worked on the predecessor to come with something better. Roku 4 has actually borrowed heavily from Roku 3 to build on its features.

Roku 4 is one of the most expensive streaming devices in the market and there are experts who feel that the price range for the product is justified. Master Herald reported that Roku 4 has a resolution of 3840 X 2160.

This resolution is double the 1080p that is present in HD sets. While cable providers are still working out plans to work things out in 4K, Amazon and Netflix have already started streaming shows at that resolution.

According to Yahoo, Roku 4 is eight times faster than the predecessor, Roku 3. When Roku 4 is compared to Fire TV Stick and Chromecast there is a noticeable speed difference.

It is reported that it is easier to navigate different services, the videos take less time to load and the transition is smooth. Roku 4 has made the hardware boxes completely useless and has shown that at a size of 3.3 inches, it can work a lot better.

In spite of having some interesting features, Roku 4 has a tendency to let the user down in some instances. There were reports claiming that the headphones being used with the help of the mobile app caused lip sync issues.

However, this did get rectified once the software was updated, but then it was a glitch nonetheless. There were users who have complained about the interface as well, but then they are hoping that Roku comes up with an update across various devices, which will rectify everything.

Roku 4 comes with its very own Roku RF remote control and hence there is no need to sit exactly in front of the TV to operate it. The remote control will from anywhere within a 30-feet range. The layout for the Roku 4 RF remote is very similar to the remote control that came with the Roku player.

It has a large purple navigation pad right in the center with the Back and Home buttons right beneath it. Beneath the pad comes the buttons for playback controls, option, and replay. The remote also has dedicated buttons for the streaming services that Roku 4 gives access to- Netflix, Sling TV, Amazon and also Google Play.

The Roku 4 remote doesn’t come with a built-in microphone, but then the voice search option can be accessed while using the mobile apps.

The remote also lacks the headphone jacks, which would come with Roku 4, but then it can be plugged into the mobile devices. Those who prefer Bluetooth devices can also access the headphones via that, but be prepared for a slight delay in the sound due to sync issues.

Roku’s Streaming Stick now comes with the updated Roku OS, OS 7.1 and Roku 4 is the first device to get it. The search is top-notch and lets the user look through TV series and films by searching by directors, titles, and actors.