Jennifer Lopez Talks About Feeling Guilty for Not Giving Time to Her Twins, Khloe Kardashian Copies Her VMA Look!

Jennifer Lopez has been the queen of pop ever since she broke into the world of music. She has donned many hats since become a diva. She has acted in numerous films, been a judge on American Idol and is now acting and producing her very first television venture, Shades of Blue. Apart from all this great work, Jennifer Lopez is also a mother of two little kids, her eight-year-old twins, Emme, and Max.

Jennifer Lopez has previously said that she makes it a point to be with Emme and Max as much as she can, but sometime with all the work commitments, things do tend to get a little difficult. While talking on Actors on Actors, Jennifer Lopez confessed to feeling mommy guilt when she gets a little too preoccupied with her work.

Lopez feels guilty since she isn’t able to give time to her twins and she keeps checking the time to see how long it has been. She almost curses herself when she takes a lot of time to check up on them. Jennifer Lopez agreed that it is a blessing to have some help to take care of her kids, but she makes sure that she haves one of her meals with them.

Now with her working on Shades of Blue, the kids usually hang around the set. They have a room of their own, where they drop in after school.

Jennifer Lopez confessed that she tries to work on the show around summer so that she is usually busy with it while they are at school and can spend the rest of the time with each other. She agrees that their life might not be perfect, but it is something that they have created for themselves.

According to The Spec, Jennifer Lopez takes her children to see her show, Jennifer Lopez: All I Have, at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. Initially, Max would enjoy being there, but now that he is growing up, he prefers to stay back at home and watch Teen Titans Go. Emme, on the other hand, loves to watch Jennifer Lopez on stage.

It’s hard work preparing for a show of such a great magnitude. Jennifer Lopez usually works on one section at a time and then brings them all together to create the whole routine.

It is reported that she had been working on one section at a time and when she performed the whole routine together, the dancers threw up from all the stress and she had completely freaked out. However, they were able to recover and they all accepted that the routine was perfect.

RedOne, the popular song producer and writer has come out to make his debut as a singer. His new track, titled Don’t You Need Somebody is going to see him teaming up with Enrique Iglesias, Shaggy and R. City. RedOne said that he has always been doing this, but wasn’t ready to explore his talent as a singer. However, he felt that the time was now right for him to come out with his own vocals.

RedOne talked about his album and said that he has prepared songs that will make up an album and he is working on some more. However, before he comes out with an album, he wants to test the waters with the singles first. His new single has Jennifer Lopez lip syncing to his lyrics and given the kind of associations he has and the kind of artists he has produced so far, music lovers can rest assured that he will do a good job.