Steve Gleason Shows The World His Struggle With ALS, Film Includes Footage From Live Journals, Spreads Awareness About The Destructive Disease

There are some dark moments in the film Gleason where the viewers get a glimpse of Steve struggling with his feelings of self-loathing, and a sense that he was a burden for his family, especially his wife, who had to take care of him and their infant child. These moments saw Clay Tweel portray how Steve would overcome his feelings of despair and misery by curbing his natural instincts.

He would check his destructive behavior and exercises self-awareness even though  speaking out his mind takes a lot of time, as he has to construct the sentences with the help of a computer. Gleason has an excellent support system in his wife, Michel, who herself would struggle to keep herself focused on the duties she had to perform in her role as Steve’s wife and mother to Rivers.

There is a moment when she says that she had married a footballer and had expected a different life altogether, but the ALS has instead transformed her into a 24X7 caregiver, with seemingly little to look forward to in life. These little things about Steve and Michel make them human and help the viewers to connect with them better.

The viewers of Gleason have agreed that Steve Gleason has an unnatural willingness to live. While most people who suffer from the disease die by the end of five years, Steve has been going strong, and he is willing to try anything to increase his life expectancy.

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