Steve Carell Praises Ryan Gosling; the Latter Considers Himself Lucky To Have Eva and Esmeralda!

While talking about Christian Bale, he said, “I never worked with Christian [Bale]. All of his stuff was shot before I even got there. But I was extremely excited that I was going to be in a movie with him because I think he is one of the best actors out there.”

While talking about Brad Pitt, he said, “There was one day where I worked with Brad Pitt and that was great fun because it’s Brad Pitt! I think everyone would feel that way.”

Talking about ‘The Big Short’ movie, Carell said that he wanted to do a ‘warts and all’ portrayal of Mark Baum. It is a character which is based on a real hedge fund manager named Steve Esner, as shown in the movie.

He said, “I don’t necessarily think about painting them in the best way possible. I try to do an accurate portrayal – warts and all. I think the people appreciate that as well,” Carell revealed.

“I saw the person at the premiere that I portray and he really loved the movie and said that it was very, very accurate and the world was the one that he knew. But he said he was nervous about what I was going to do with the part because you just don’t know.”

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