Star Wars Battlefront 3 Expected To Provide Gamers with the Chance to Relive Iconic Moments from the Series, Reports Suggest

Star Wars Battlefront 3 will explore all the seven instalments in the Star Wars series and is believed to be the most expensive sequel to the Star Wars gaming franchise. This game is the third in the series and is officially named Star Wars Battlefront. The previous games have been designed as third person shooters, although, the designers at EA and DICE have come up with a first person shooter and hence the game play is significantly different from the previous instalments.

With Star Wars VII releasing, the fandom is already abuzz with speculations, and with the release of Star Wars Battlefront 3 during the same time, the developers and producers are expecting to rake in quite a moolah in December this year.

Players and fans of the Star Wars games claim that the main reason for the massive success of the franchise was the fact that the gameplay had scope for the third and first person view and if the developers want the same success with Star Wars Battlefront 3 then they should include the third person view in the latest edition.