Mission Impossible 5 Releasing In July, Director McQuarrie Dishes Out Quite a Few Insider Information, More Details

Mission Impossible 5’s release date has been pulled up by Paramount from December to July of this year. The studio has done an exceptional work in keeping things under wrap. Apart from the fact that the film sees Tom Cruise returning in his role as agent Ethan Hunt and Christopher McQuarrie directing the film, we hardly have any other inside news. We also know of some the locations where the film had been shot and that there is an airplane stunt scene in the film, thanks to Hollywood insiders.

Director McQuarrie took to Twitter to address question from his fans regarding Mission Impossible 5. McQuarrie was hurled by numerous questions from his fans. He was asked who the villain of the film will be and said that Sean Harris will play Ethan Hunt’s nemesis this time round.

He addressed rumours that the film had to be reshot because of some changes in the script and said that those claims were false, and the film is very much on schedule and will be releasing this year as decided. He also said that the typical McQuarrie tone will be evident in Mission Impossible 5 as well, and the film will also be darker than the Ghost Protocol.

McQuarrie promised fans that teasers, trailers and posters will soon be released. The fans will also get a clue of the supposed plot of the upcoming film, and they can expect more scoops now that the shooting is being completed. McQuarrie said that the film has taken a long time to get wrapped up, and the entire team is now in a hurry to head to the editing room to get the final cut ready.

From Ghost Protocol, we have Tom Cruise, Simpon Pegg, Ving Rhames and Jeremy Renner returning for Mission Impossible 5, however, neither Maggie Q nor Paula Patton is returning. Paul Patton’s character did have a strong point for a return in the new movie, but she won’t be reprising her role in the upcoming Mission Impossible film. When asked if there was some trouble between the director and Paula Patton and why she isn’t returning in spite of there being a place for her character’s entry; director McQuarrie said that it was because Maggie Q and Paula Patton didn’t have dates available.