Spy Images of the 2017 BMW 5 Series Leaked Online, Speculated to be Unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in September 2016, More Details

Experts are of the opinion that if BMW can manage to offer the class and precision on the 2017 5 Series, as present on the 7 Series, they might well be able to surge ahead of all competition.

However, that is merely a statement as of now, and we will have to wait and watch the company’s next move. However, based on the current predicament, it is likely that the engineers are thinking of borrowing the streamlined nature and the chassis from the 7 Series, which is all that one could have wished for!

The level of competition in the market has increased by a grand margin in the past decade, and BMW cannot afford to wait and watch as the world progresses. The 5 Series is one of their greatest selling points and they need to meet their sales target to remain ahead of the game.

Additional information regarding the technical specification of the vehicle is yet to be announced, and we will keep you posted on the scenario. A specific launch date is yet to be announced, although, we hope to witness its release at the Paris Motor Show.

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