Sprint Currently Rolling Out Android M Update for Samsung Galaxy S6!

The concerned researchers have already uploaded a video on YouTube which shows exactly how they managed to do it. Apparently, they are using just an inkjet printer and silver conductive ink cartridges alongside a normal black cartridge to do the task.

The model number of the printer that they used was- Brother MFC-J5910DW. The researchers are printing out the fingerprints of different users. They were able to successfully unlock the Galaxy S6 by making the fingerprint scanner of the device scan these printed fingerprints.

They stated that a number of fingerprints from different subjects were used for testing during the process and each time the printed fingerprints successfully unlocked the device. It was further added by them that this nifty trick works with another smartphone which is the Huawei Honor 7.

However, at the same time they pointed out that the fingerprint scanner on the Huawei Honor 7 is more difficult to spoof compared to the one on the Galaxy S6. They also stated that this particular hack might not work with all the different smartphones that are currently available in the market.

Looks like, from now on the users of Samsung Galaxy S6 will think twice before blindly trusting the fingerprint scanner of the device for protection of their private data.

Stay tuned for more update on Samsung Galaxy S6.