Spoilers and Cast Information on Criminal Minds Season 12, A Crossover with Beyond Borders Is Imminent!

Reports indicate that the production team is currently planning to bring back some of the most notorious villains of Season 11. The list of bad guys to be included in Season 12 is yet to be completed.

Apart from the old villains being brought back to be hunted down again, there is a possibility that globe-trotting Federal agents from Beyond Borders might visit the original Criminal Minds environment.

Carter Matt talked about the possible crossover between these two series. Fans will be immensely delighted to see Garett’s and Hotch’s team working together on the same screen, in order to capture bad guys.

It is expected that a crossover like this will take place in Season 12 when the team deals with prison escapees, who could disperse and head off in many different locations. They could even head outside US territories.

Messer talked about the 12 prisoners who escaped and said that it was a very nostalgic experience for her to pick and choose the various cast members. At the moment, the casting is still very much in progress.

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