Spider-Man: Jon Watts Confirms 15-Year-Old Spidey, Controversy Strikes Again, And More Details

There are rumors that young Peter Parker is going to be trained by Tony Stark aka Iron Man when he becomes the youngest member of Avengers. Marvel is going to deal with the Spider-Man story in such a way that they will remove the assumption of the viewers that they know all when it comes to Spider-Man’s origin.

Tom Holland has confirmed that he is going to appear in Jon Watt’s version of Spider-Man where he will be playing the role of the 15-year-old Peter Parker and Spider-Man. Marvel had been looking for the actor who could do the geeky high school nerd and the web-swinging superhero with equal ease and they have hit jackpot with the British actor.

Marvel’s Spider-Man has already seen controversy with claims being made that Marisa Tomei is too young to play Aunt May. There are debates over Twitter that say that the 50-year-old actress from The Wrestler is too young to play Peter Parker’s guardian, who has until now always been shown as a grey-haired lady.

The audience will get to meet the new Spider-Man in 2016 when Captain America: Civil War releases.

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