John Wick 2: Keanu Reeves On Board, Production to Start This Fall, Explore the Assassin Days, And More

The Keanu Reeves starrer John Wick 2 is all set to be made. The sequel to the 2014 hit John Wick will see Keanu Reeves come back to reprise the role of the ex-assassin who comes back in business to seek revenge for the brutal murder of his dog.

John Wick did a huge business, earning over $78 million with a budget of only $20 million. The movie wasn’t expected to make any business at all, but the critics and the viewers both loved the first movie.

Riding high on the success of the first film, the director duo of Chad Stahelski and David Leitch are coming back together to direct John Wick 2. They are determined to offer the fans of John Wick better plot, better action and better visual in the sequel.

Fans will be happy to know that John Wick 2 is going to be created by the exact same trip of John Wick. Stahelski and Leitch are being joined by Derek Kolstad, who worked on the script for the first film as well.

While the creative team has been forthcoming about sharing inputs and snippets about John Wick 2, they have not yet shared any details about the plot of John Wick 2. Stahelski has said that Leitch and he has been thinking of making John Wick 2 for a while now, but they are going to go ahead with it only if they have a script that is going to better the plot for the first film.

The directors are confident that they can better on the action sequences and the visualization of the first film in John Wick 2, but what they are worried about is the story for the film. They know that no matter how good an action sequence there is in a story, the viewers need to connect with the characters involved in that action for them to enjoy it.

They also mentioned some of the most loved action stars like Liam Neeson, Robert Downey Jr. and Harrison Ford and said that the viewers always fell in love with the character they have portrayed before they end up liking the action sequence and the film. The viewers start on a journey with the characters, and if they cannot connect with them, the entire charm of the film is lost.

The official announcement that John Wick 2 is on was made by the President of acquisitions and co-production of Lionsgate, Jason Constantine. He said that John Wick had a lot of story to tell and they couldn’t let the potential of the first film go to waste.

The news that Keanu Reeves is going to be back as John Wick was confirmed a few days back and now Thunder Rod, one of the most well known production company in the movie business has informed that the pre-production work for John Wick 2 is going to start this fall.

This has got fans very excited since the release date for the much anticipated action-thriller seems likely to be around sometime towards the end of the next year. Although there has been no official announcement yet, fans are hoping that the confirmation will come their way once the production is under process.