John Wick 2: Keanu Reeves On Board, Production to Start This Fall, Explore the Assassin Days, And More

It was way back in February that the news about John Wick 2 was first released and the directors Stahelski and Leitch had gone on to say that even though this would be their second project as director, if they got a chance to work with The Matrix star Keanu Reeves then this one film will be equal to 10 films in their career.

While there has been no information about the plot for John Wick 2, fans have brought their own ideas for it. Fans are really keen on seeing how Baba Yaga would have been in the days when he was at the helm of his assassin days as the best assassin working under Viggo Tarasov.

John Wick gave a glimpse of Baba Yaga was when he was still an assassin in the shot where he kills three men with only a pencil. Fans of John Wick are keen to find out more about the past of this interesting assassin to come back in business to avenge his dead dog.

There are speculations that the Continental is going to be back in John Wick 2, but not as a mere setting. It will become the important centre for assassins where everyone follows the rules of the Continental without a second thought.

The character of Marcus also holds a lot of interesting back story and John Wick 2 is also likely to explore that plot line. John Wick 2 is set to explore some serious plot-lines and not just focus on mindless action.

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