Sony Xperia Z4: Rumors and Spy Pics Surface, Official Release Date Unconfirmed!

Both the Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact were excellent handsets from Sony, but the limited differences between the two confused the customers, more so, as both products were launched simultaneously. With the Xperia Z4 expected to launch this year, experts are gearing up for a rerun of last year’s episode!

Now, if you’re wondering whether to opt for the Samsung Galaxy S6 or the Sony Xperia Z4, we suggest you read this article before making up your mind. Sony launched the Xperia Z2 back at MWC ’14, followed by the Z3, within six months. Judging by the previous records, experts believed that the Xperia Z4 was due for MWC ‘15. However, Sony has just arrived with the Z4 Tablet.

If rumors are to be trusted, Sony’s Japanese Internal Affairs and Communication Ministry has cleared the Xperia Z4 for production and the smartphone will be available on KDDI, NTT, SoftBank and DoCoMo. According to Xperiablog, Sony is planning on a Summer Release while unnamed sources believe that they plan on holding up till September. Sony was previously rumored to be shifting to an annual release pattern soon, and experts believe that the Xperia Z4 will be the first device on the list.

Even if that is true, we will get to witness a preview within the upcoming months. Without a clear image of the Xperia Z4, it is difficult to point out what the phone will look like. However, numerous spy images have surfaced on the internet within the past few months. Although, we cannot be certain whether the actual smartphone is remotely close to the images that are available.

The latest image is on an unassembled smartphone uploaded by Sony. The image was spotted by PocketNow and was later taken down by Sony. However, we are not sure whether the image was of the upcoming Sony Xperia Z4 or an older concept. However, the image is clearly different from any of the previous-generation smartphones that we have seen from the house of Sony.