Sony Xperia X Lineup Announced by Sony, Tech Sheet of the Respective Devices Revealed, And More

This feature which is also present in the other two devices of the series was recently put to test by Sony. Brazilian visual artist Rafael Mantesso was roped in by Sony for this very purpose. He was asked to do a photoshoot of the dogs in the Barcelona City and then add his trademark illustrations to the images at a later point of time.

All the abilities of the camera were put to test during the photoshoot and specially the Predictive Hybrid Autofocus gained much attention as it enabled the camera to take perfect photos of the dogs even when they were moving around.

Mantesso was seen selecting a particular dog and after doing so, the built-in sensor in the camera helped it in predicting its movement. This enabled the camera to follow the animal around and take shots of it and none of the shots were blurry despite the movement of the dog.

Mantesso followed the same procedure with 6 different dogs and the results were identical in all the instances. The whole thing highlighted the prowess of the camera.

The video of Mantesso’s photoshoot with the Xperia X can be viewed here.

Another interesting feature that the devices of the X series will come with is the PS4 Remote Play. This feature will enable users to connect their Xperia X device to the PlayStation 4 through Wi-Fi. Doing so will enable them to play games on the device suing the controllers of the PS4.

Stay tuned for more update on Sony Xperia X.