Sony Will Release Playstation 4.5/Neo Instead Of Playstation 5, What Do We Know About The Next Upgrade From Sony? Let’s See

It will come with an increased bandwidth and improved GPU. Neo will include eight Jaguar cores running at 2.1GHz speed instead of 1.6GHz on the PS4.

It will also include an improved AMD GCN with 36 instead of 18CUs, performing at higher speeds of 911 MHz, instead of 800 MHz. The console will run on accelerated GDDR5 memory, providing 8GB at 218GB/s over 176GB/s.

Rumors from Kotaku, Eurogamer, and Wall Street Journal indicate that Sony will release a higher-end, mid-generation console. It will be unique and distinct from the PSVR, the virtual reality headset from Sony.

The console is currently expected to release in the fall of 2016. It will include support for 4K graphics, PlayStation VR and also Ultra HD 4K Blu-ray disc format. At the same time, rest assured that Sony wouldcontinue producing the PlayStation 4 console.

Therefore, in case you are wondering that Sony will shift attention from PS4 gamers with the release of Neo, you are very wrong. Andrew House, Sony Interactive CEO, said that the new console would sit beside and complement the present-generation PS4.

It was earlier reported that developers are making a game for the PlayStation Neo, will have to release it on PS4 as well. In this way, PS4 gamers are not deprived of anything at all. We can only hope that Microsoft decides to take a similar stance as well.

Other sources say that PlayStation 5 might not happen due to the release of Neo.

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