Supercell Entertains Fan Suggestions For New Clash Of Clans Update, How Is Battle Champs Better Than Clash Of Clans? Let’s See

Clash of Clans is a world popular freemium mobile game that has been published and developed by Supercell. In spite of numerous failed updates and bugs, one can still say that this game is one of the most popular smartphone apps in the world.

There was a recently failed update from Supercell, especially affecting the Apple users. The company finally decided to survey gamers and find out what they want from the game. Gamers would prefer receiving weekly, daily and monthly quests so that they can have other choices while joining battles.

The fans have expressed that they would love transferring from one clan to another for supporting their friends. If Supercell decides to issue this update, it would be much easier to transfer and search from clan to clan. To make it more convenient for everyone, COC gamers wish to have three different kinds of leaders.

Besides the main leader, a co-leader is needed. If the original clan leader decides to demote himself, the co-leader will take his place. Fans want a clan Elder, who can add and remove non-functioning members.

According to the rumors, there will be a Clan Troop bank. Forums have stated that the Bank is a place where donations can be stored by Clans. As a result, different troops will be able to use them eventually. When Clash of Clans is being upgraded, gamers want complete access to the game.

Moreover, heroes should be available in wars even when they are being upgraded. Supercell is probably increasing their game distribution since they are reaching out to the fans for suggestions.

Recently, Supercell made a deal with Tencent Holdings, where CEO of Supercell, Ikka Pannanen, declared that the new deal offers great opportunities in China and through Tencent’s channels, they will be able to recruit millions of new gamers.

Since Clash of Clans is one of the most popular mobile titles today, a lot of games take inspiration from it. A lot of similar titles with similar kind of gameplay have sprung up over the years. Battle Champs is one of them.

Reports indicate that this newly inspired COC title is a lot better. 148apps reported that this game has a battle and build gameplay which is very similar to Clash of Clans. At the same time, Battle Champs is not a duplicate since the developers did their best to improve certain COC features.

Pocket Gamer reported that the game has a Japanese twist as well. In includes the critter ensemble of Yo-Kai Watch and Pokemon. Besides these, it makes use of cute monsters for its army, known as champs. You can choose from 10 unique types of champs. You should check out all the interesting troops in Battle Champs.

In Clash of Clans, we had dumb barbarians but in Battle Champs, each troop has its strengths and weaknesses. They can furthermore, evolve into a more powerful form. You can also enjoy the game on your own if you don’t want PvP.

You can explore airship upgrades, avatar and troop upgrades in Battle Champs, without playing PvP. Moreover, the gameplay in Battle Champs is more competitive than COC. In the latter, players were encouraged to join a clan and battle against the enemy.

You will find innovative Giant Battles in Battle Champs, and 200 players can work together to fight against a massive enemy. You will be sharing activated buff with other players even though you don’t see them, and they will stack over time.