Sneak Peeks into The Season 18 Of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, Death of Agent Dodds to Shake Everyone Up!

As for Olivia, Mariska stated that the character has grown a lot. The character is all about how she balances the different aspects of her life. She added that she is finally learning to accept who she is.

She is also learning to grasp the idea of her being the leader in a more efficient manner. Mariska is of the opinion that Olivia’s leadership skills will only improve with time.

Mariska Hargitay spoke about the constant success of the show and her involvement with it. She stated that show deals with real life issues that take place in today’s world and thus Law and Order: SVU is a powerful show, to say the least.

She feels that the show has a life-saving nature and thus it cannot possibly get any better than that. From the looks of it, one thing is clear and that is Mariska Hargitay has high regards for the show and she is quite proud to be a part of it.

There has been no official announcement as to when the show will make its return but it is being speculated that it will be back on TV this Fall.

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