Sister Wives Season 6: Plot Details Revealed, Christine and Kody Lock Heads, More News

Nancy asked Kody to take her along for their trip so that she can help the couple to sort their problems out and come together as a stronger couple and Kody wasn’t at all pleased with the idea. He sarcastically mentions it in a Twitter post saying that he is going on a family vacation with his marriage counselor and it is going to be a great trip.

In an attempt to make their marriage work out, Nancy makes the couple work on some activities together. Activities like stacking stones and building Carin couldn’t sort the problems out since Christine and Kody couldn’t decide on a particular symbol. Christine wanted a symbol that spoke about their decision to rekindle their romance while Kody wanted to work on a symbol that signified the whole family.

The upcoming episode in Sister Wives Season 6 is titled All About Christine and will focus heavily on her. It might be a sort of revelation about what Christine feels and give the fans a chance to get to know her. The episode will also look at some of the past experience that the family has had since Sister Wives started out.

After this, the series will again head back to Robyn and her pregnancy and custody battle.

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