Sister Wives Season 6: Plot Details Revealed, Christine and Kody Lock Heads, More News

Sister Wives Season 6 episode 7 shows the Brown family heading to Las Vegas to take part in a pirate festival. At the festival, Janelle Brown and her family built one boat while the other boats were built by Christine and Robyn’s families. The excitement begins when each of the participants started racing with the boats that they have built themselves.

However, the episode isn’t going to be all about fun since the Christine and Kody get into a quarrel. The two have been having a rough patch since they decided to head to Galveston, Texas for their anniversary.

This was the first time that Christine Brown has come into the picture. Ever since Sister Wives Season 6 was announced, there have been rumors about Meri, Janelle and Robyn, but none about Christine Brown.

Christine Brown finally spoke out her grievances in the last episode of Sister Wives Season 6. She complained that her husband, Kody seems to be giving all his attention to new legal wife Robyn and her children, forgetting that he has other wives and children to look after as well.

Christine Brown has been married to Kody spiritually since 1972 and she has spoken out about her grievances finally on Sister Wives Season 6. She said that she doesn’t feel that Kody is giving equal attention to all his wives and children.

Ever since his legal marriage with Robyn, all he looks after is Robyn’s needs and demands and what Robyn’s kids require and anything and everything that has to do with Robyn. Robyn is also expecting a second child from Kody and she is going to be delivering in January next year.

When Kody heard these allegations, he didn’t know what to say or how to react. He voiced his own opinion stating that he had been wrong in not giving enough attention to his other wives and kids, apart from Robyn. He also said that he didn’t know that his other wives were such a big issue in his marriage with Christine.

Kody confessed about loving Christine since the day they first met and said that they have always had a great relationship. Vine Report said that Kody feels that there is a minor glitch in their relationship and everything will work out fine for him and Christine and he is sure about it.

Sister Wives Season 5 ended with Meri deciding to divorce Kody and give her position of the legal wife to Robyn, so that she can get a chance to win the custody of her children against her ex-husband. This news had shocked the family and fans alike.

The videos from Sister Wives Season 6 showed Meri confessing about her decision to Robyn, telling her that she wants to divorce Kody and let Robyn marry him. While this news surprises Robyn and fills her with happiness, she is shocked that Meri shares this decision with her first instead of with Kody.

Kody Brown has been very busy finalising his marriage with Robyn and getting the papers for the adoption ready. Kody recently got the permission of Robyn’s children to adopt them and with the adoption procedure coming up; Christine can be rest assured that Kody is going to be more preoccupied now.

Christine reveals that she is jealous of Robyn, who is taking up all of Kody’s time. While at Galveston, the couple visit their old friend Pat, who had been their therapist and also meets their new therapist Nancy.