Sister Wives Season 6: Janelle and Meri Having Issues With Robyn, Legal Battles to Dominate the Next Season!

Kody and Meri had been married for 25 years and Meri had seen Kody taking in three other wives and fathering 14 kids with them and she has always been supportive, but the way things are shaping up now, it looks like Sister Wives Season 6 will turn towards showing the viewers how things were in the marriage Meri and Kody shared.

The two recently shared their 25th marriage anniversary and although Kody posted on the social media and wished her on the occasion, apart from the other members from the Brown family as well as the viewers of the popular show, Meri decided to keep mum on the occasion and did not share or comment on any of the posts and this raised a lot of queries in the minds of the viewers.

With Sister Wives Season 6 TLC had broached a tabooed issue. Polygamy is illegal in the USA, however the popularity of the show has surpassed expectations. The show has brought to light issues that were hidden from the limelight and the Brown family had taken upon themselves to remove the misconceptions associated with the polygamous lifestyle.

Kody Brown has law suits in his name and is fighting with the state of Arizona for the polygamous lifestyle he leads, but he claims that he hasn’t done anything illegal since he is legally married to only one of his wives.

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8 thoughts on “Sister Wives Season 6: Janelle and Meri Having Issues With Robyn, Legal Battles to Dominate the Next Season!”

  1. I just cannot understand any woman “sharing” a husband. Relationships are hard as it is and this bull crap that having more than one wife on a religious basis is nuts. I would hope that Meri who has lived this life for so long will move on and take care of herself. It is completely obvious that the women do not like each other and Kody the Creep enjoys the drama. I doubt Christine will ever move on but I have hopes that Janelle will move on too. Raise her kids and make a career for herself and her kids. Now that Robyn thinks she is Queen Bee, we’ll see how long it lasts until the Creep wants and younger woman and she is no longer the Queen of Creeps.

  2. Actually meri did congradulate them on Twitter. Though I do believe there’s problems.

  3. The problem is inequality. Kody can’t possibly treat everyone exactly the same, the ladies are of different ages and personalities and appearances. There’s jealousy and hurt feelings. Throw into the mix that Kody has a special feeling for one of the wives. Same with the children, some get more attention from Kody than others do.

  4. Robin is a needy bitch and wanted to be top wife all along.she will try to run it all may not watch this season

  5. Robyn has ruined the show and ruined the other Sister Wives..won”t watch the show anymore!!!!!

  6. Well, Robyn isn’ t very bright. Especially that she thinks she is a designer of jewelry makes me want to laugh!!!

  7. Well I will say I would never share a husband either, I will give credit with how I see their kids behave. I mean with all those kids and you never hear anything bad out of them. And even tho that life style is not for me who am I to tell them how to live their life’s ? I like watching the show and I like all of them of course I have my favorites. And yes Robin is at the end of list. They dont tell me how to live my life so i won’t try and tell them how to live theirs.:)))) And they are not living on the system so it’s really no-ones business how they live.

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