Sister Wives Season 6: Christine Talks About Her Feelings, Next Season to Focus On Robyn, And More

There were reports that Meri and Robyn weren’t getting along with each other, but Meri came out to deny all these rumors and the official Facebook page also contains candid family shots of the Brown family.

According to Realty Today, Sister Wives Season 7 is going to focus primarily on Robyn. It is going to deal with her role as the legal wife and also her pregnancy. This news was met with a lot of speculation about how the other wives will fare since there air time will be reduced and this will also bring down their earnings from the show.

Some fans even claimed that while Janelle may be working, the other wives aren’t and the change in the show’s primary focus will make it very difficult for them to support themselves financially.

The Brown family members might be having problems with each other, but the way they all came together to stand by Meri after she spoke about her catfish episode was very touching.

The Tell All episode of Sister Wives Season 6 brought to light Meri Brown’s catfish episode and she broke down while talking about the incident. Meri said that she was grateful to her family and wished that she had informed them about it sooner.

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