Sims Can Now Go Swimming with The Get Together DLC for Sims 4 whileNew Skills Like DJing And Dancing Have Been Added, And More

The Sims 4 has been quite successful but some fans have expressed their disappointment regarding the removal of some long-running features of this franchise. However, when all is said and done, EA/Maxis has developed a solid title with a great entertainment value and it has been enjoying a lot of success in the market lately.

Furthermore, interested players have been requesting new content all the time and the developers are more than happy to oblige them with new DLCs and updates. With the new ‘Get Together’ DLC, players are now having many more things that they can mess around with.

A completely new world called ‘Windenburg’ has been added and reports indicate that it is quite close to some European cities through its style and presentation. Players will immediately notice a greater variety in environment and architecture.

Furthermore, people who have been bored with the original presentation of ‘The Sims 4’ neighborhoods will be happy to explore the various kinds of potential housing options. EA is confident that players will definitely love this new world and according to the studio, many Sims gamers will find it surprising.

The new map comes with a mixture of rural and urban places due to which players should be able to find a suitable place to build their home in. Thankfully, the new DLC not only comes with a new world but also various additions to gameplay and interactions. Sims is now allowed to go clubbing and the ones with more entrepreneurial dreams will be able to invest in their own clubs.

There is not much detail regarding this new gameplay feature but it will most likely be similar to the other games in this series. Players will be able to make use of their own club to generate income. Sims will also be able to visit football games and swimming pools and on top of that, Sims can now swim in rivers.

Pools were quite an important feature in the earlier Sims titles and it allowed the players to design their backyards in really creative ways. There were players who even came out with exquisitely detailed pool layouts. In the meantime, there were people who liked to use pools for more macabre purposes.

The game doesn’t promote violence but Sims could be forced to get exhausted and drowned in a pool if all the ladders were removed. Sims did not know how to get out of the pool without using a ladder and they eventually ended up getting drowned. If this was the primary motivation behind EA removing the pools from this game, it is a major disappointment.

Meanwhile, Dancing and DJing are two new skills that have been added. With the help of dancing, players will be able to socialize with their peers. The player’s own club and popularity among friends can be boosted with the help of DJing.

Right now, we are not sure if additional skillsets will be offered with the release of the new expansion. At the same time, partying is no longer limited to pubs and clubs. Players can now party anywhere, which includes the ancient ruins of Windenburg. You will now have an underground disco and players will be able to start a fire.

In the meantime, there are some pretty unethical mods in Sims that you might or might not love but in the end, they are completely hilarious. Thanks to MTV, teenage pregnancy is more of a trend these days and it doesn’t come standard with The Sims 4 or even an Expansion Pac.