Sid Meier’s Civilization VI: Special limited Edition, Exciting features, New leaders With Hidden Agendas, Wrath Of Tomyris, The Holy Roman Emperor, Columbus’ Patron

Spain can readily arrange a naval fleet. As the subjects of a religious man the soldiers of Spain earn a bonus when fighting with soldiers of other faith. The unique unit of Spain is the Conquistadors when a city is captured and Conquistadors are nearby the people of the conquered city convert to Catholicism.

The Mission is the unique improvement of Spain, which when built in a foreign land yields bonus and symbolizes faith.

The fans of the Civilization franchise are eagerly waiting for the new episode of the series, in the meantime 2K Games have announced that to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Civilization franchise, a special collectors edition would hit the markets. The first installment of the franchise was launched in 1991 and 34 million copies of the titles have sold worldwide ever since.

The special edition would contain all Civilization VI games with Bonus Digital Content found in the Digital Deluxe box, Aztec Civilization Pack Pre-OrderBonus a 100-pages hardcover art book called Civilization through the Years, complete with the Exclusive 25th anniversary commemorative special coin set with display case. The special edition would retail for $89.99 and would be limited to 20,000 copies.

The Civilization franchise has spawned a lot of titles since its conception and the predecessor of the Civilization VI, Civilization V: Beyond Earth would soon serve as an educational tool in high schools in North America.

Civilization VI will be releasing on the October 21, would it be able to conquer cities and keep its newly acquired citizens happy or would the players fall prey to Cleopatra’s asp?