Showrunner Teases Interesting Episodes in the Midseason Premiere of Fear the Walking Dead Season 2, Will Nick Survive On His Own? Let’s See

The midseason of Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 will deal with Chris and Travis (Cliff Curtis) trying to come to terms with the situation they are in and trying to work things out. Madison is also someone whose dark side the viewers are going to see in the second half of Season 2.

The interaction between Celia and Madison is one of the highlights of the finale and the viewers feel that the manner in which Madison deals with Nick’s dealer would have been the same even if the apocalypse wasn’t happening.

Madison locks Celia up with family zombies who had been captured. There is no clue about whether Celia survives this move and comes out in the open. In spite of this mystery, there are some who will miss the interactions that Madison and Celia would have and the manner in which the latter seems to bring out Madison’s dark side.

The teaser for Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 hints at a very interesting midseason. Leave a comment and share your thoughts on Fear the Walking Dead.