Showrunner Teases Interesting Episodes in the Midseason Premiere of Fear the Walking Dead Season 2, Will Nick Survive On His Own? Let’s See

The midseason finale of Fear the Walking Dead has ended at a very interesting juncture and fans are dying to find out what is in store for them in the second half of the zombie apocalypse series.

With the whole group dividing up into smaller groups of three, Nick Clark (Frank Dillane) decided to try his fate on his own. Since this is a very interesting turn of events, fans are waiting to see what is in his fate when Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 returns.

Nick in his dealing with the zombies had figured out that the undead couldn’t find out if there are humans in the midst of zombies if the person is covered in the blood of one of the zombies. Nick didn’t know that this realization would ultimately be his ticket for survival.

As Inquisitr reported, Nick was a drug addict and his addictive personality required him to have an enabler who can fuel his addiction and he finds this person in Fear the Walking Dead 2 in Celia (Marlene Forte).

Since there is a chance that Celia will die in the finale of Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 and seeing the manner in which the group members were turning against each other, Nick decides that he has a better chance of survival if he is on his own.

However, things are set to get very serious since the trailer for the midseason finale of Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 shows Nick being shot on a long stretch of road that seems to be swarming with zombies.

With Nick covered in zombie blood, he is going to go undetected by the zombies, but if he is shot before they can pass him, they will smell the human blood oozing from his wound and things are going to get very bad.

Dave Erickson, the creator of Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 had explained that there is nothing unbelievable about Nick leaving on his own. Nick has always been a drug addict and he has found a replacement for his drugs in the dead. Erickson teases that Nick seems to have something in his hand that might make sense of his decision to go along on his own.

As reported, Erickson claims that there seems to be something in Nick’s hand that will make sense of walking off on his own. There are chances that the viewers will get to know if Dave Erickson is talking about a plan that Nick has in mind, or if he is literally talking about something that Nick is carrying in his hand. Erickson had added that Nick is also going to connect with someone when Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 returns with the second half.

It has been a common practice in The Walking Dead where the survivors of the zombie apocalypse are scattered all over right before the midseason and then they are made to go through their respective experiences to come back again.

Having been inspired by the popular series, Fear the Walking Dead followed suit. The creators have separated the group and have scattered them in the Mexican countryside. The survivors have to deal with the zombies on one side and the angry workers who are seeking revenge for their relatives who were killed, on the other.

Ecumenical News has reported that Fear the Walking Dead second half will make the viewers get familiar with the survivors.

Every survivor seems to have had a tough past, but Chris (Lorenzo James Henrie) was one of those who still kept going back there. He had a lot of rage against this father. He had always been lonely and alienated and the zombie apocalypse didn’t seem to help him any bit.