Shakira: Talks About Her Perfume, Music and Motherhood, Gets Nominated for People’s Choice Award!

Shakira is out to promote her new line of perfumes called Love Rock! By Shakira. The perfume bottles are shaped like guitars and there are reports that the perfumes have extracts of red apple, jasmine, roses and bergamot.

While fans are very excited with the recent launch of Shakira’s own line of perfumes, they are keener on finding out when she will be ready with her next album.

Shakira knows her fans very well and spilled out some interesting scoops in an interview. Latin Post revealed that Shakira will be out with her next album in 2016. It was in 2014 that the singer had released her previous album and it’s been a long wait for her fans.

Shakira is yet to start on the new album, but she has assured fans that it is going to happen soon. She is hopeful that once she gets into the zone and starts working, she can get the album out by the end of this very year or at the beginning of the next year, for sure.

Shakira also informed her fans that now with her perfume line launched, she can focus completely on her upcoming album. The entire process is a rather difficult one and she needs to devote her time completely on getting it done.

Shakira has a family with her partner Gerard Piqué and she had taken a break from making music after the birth of her second son. She decided to take the time out and focus on her family but now feels that she is ready to focus on her career once again. Shakira wanted to be a hands-on mother to her baby boys and hence took the decision to take some time off from creating music.

However, she wasn’t away from the music scene completely and had made some appearances, one being her performance at the United Nations in September when the Pope was visiting the head office in New York. Shakira also recently launched her own app for games that is called Love Rocks.

Shakira is very active on the social media where she keeps sharing moments and instances of her life, especially her baby boy Milan. Shakira has uploaded photos of her and Piqué’s elder son Milan.

The little baby seems to have a talent when it comes to reading since in the recently uploaded video, the baby has been reading words like Venezuela and Uruguay comfortably. Shakira encourages the baby and praises him in English and Spanish after he finishes reading.

Shakira keeps uploading photos of her sons, Milan and Sasha on Instagram. Fans had recently complained that Gerard Piqué isn’t around his family often. Daily Mail informed the readers that the family of four, with their two sons, had recently had a family day out. It looks like Piqué paid heed to the complaints and decided to step out and spend some time with his partner and sons.

Shakira has been nominated for the Favorite Social Media Celebrity at the soon to be held People’s Choice Awards. She is against contenders like Justin Bieber, Beyonce, Brent Rivera and Lele Pons. People’s Choice Awards is going to be held in January 2016 and it is going to be a wait worth the time.

Some of the other celebrities who have been nominated for People’s Choice Award this year are Sofia Vergara, Gina Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez, Kate Winslet and Sara Ramirez.

The fans are allowed to vote for their favorite star and help them go an inch forward to winning the award. The full list of the nominations and the voting details are available in the official page of the award ceremony.